Earth History at the University of Victoria

Photos: (Left) Field work on Neoproterozoic carbonate in the Panamints Range, Death Valley. (Middle) Stromatolites in limestones from the Sentinel Peak Member of the Noonday Formation, overlying snowball Earth cap carbonates in the Panamints Range. (Right) Students studying the ancient dunes of the Entrada Sandstone in Arches national park, Utah.

The Earth history team at UVic consists of a group of researchers with overlapping interests in studying the history of the geological carbon cycling on Earth. This webpage outlines the developing research program of Anne-Sofie Ahm.

Anne-Sofie Ahm is an Adjunct and incoming Assistant Professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (SEOS) at the University of Victoria (officially starting in April, 2022). Dr. Ahm aims to build an interdisciplinary research group that combines geochemistry, geobiology, field geology, and numerical modeling. Research questions will focus on understanding and improving the record of seawater chemistry and carbon cycling throughout Earth history, from 3 billion years ago until today (Read more about ongoing research projects...).

The research group will be part of a vibrant Earth history node at SEOS, which also includes students and postdocs that work with Jon Husson and Blake Dyer. Currently, we are looking for motivated students to join the Earth history team! Please reach out to Dr. Ahm to discuss opportunities for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD projects at UVic (read more here).